Voice Dialogue Series

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About Dr Hal and Sidra L Stone
The Voice Dialogue Series
Includes 12 video tapes (around 11 hours)
and 8 audio tapes (over 8 hours) as a complete set.

The Voice Dialogue Series Dr Sidra L. Stone & Dr Hal Stone
The Voice Dialogue Series
Dr Sidra L. Stone & Dr Hal Stone

A complete explanation of the Voice Dialogue System
including all the latest information
with Hal Stone PhD and Sidra L Stone PhD

Presented and directed by Michael Domeyko Rowland
Produced by Dr John Coroneos

The Voice Dialogue Series presents the complete life's work of Drs Hal and Sidra Stone. Together they have over 70 years of in depth research and study into this unique, practical and very powerful way to improve each area of your life.

It been produced by interviewing Hal and Sidra over a period of several weeks. Every aspect of their work is deeply looked into, and they give brilliant explanations, stories, examples, associated dreams and archetypal links to illustrate and clarify their system.

Included in the series is a live Voice Dialogue training seminar they gave in Australia, which is intercut with their explanations, and a special visual explanation of the psyche using 3D computer graphics.

Video Tapes
The 12 Voice Dialogue video tapes contain around 11 hours of information. The are presented in an educational way, designed to build as the series progresses. There are bullet point teaching screens every 20 minutes or so which summarize the material that has just been shown. You can pause the video at these teaching screens to make sure you have understood the points so far. This makes it very easy to find sections that you are interested in for future reference.

Video 1  Introduction to Subpersonalities 11 Minutes
Video 2  Primary Selves 61 Minutes
Video 3  Disowned Selves and the Effect of the Subpersonalities on Health   63 Minutes
Video 4  A New Vision of Consciousness 55 Minutes
Video 5  Relationships and Bonding Patterns 1 58 Minutes
Video 6  Relationships and Bonding Patterns 2 71 Minutes
Video 7  Dreams 58 Minutes
Video 8  The Origins, Benefits and How to do Voice Dialogue 70 Minutes
Video 9  Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 1 54 Minutes
Video 10  Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 2 53 Minutes
Video 11  Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 3 - Relationships 52 Minutes
Video 12  Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 4 - Dreams. 45 Minutes

Plus the bonus 8 Audio tape series

Audio Tapes OR CD's
The 8 audio tapes or  8 CD's contain an in-depth explanation of the major subpersonalities and their opposites. You can discover which selves are the dominant selves running your life and which ones you have suppressed or disowned, waiting to be expressed and uplift your life. They are all new recordings of Hal and Sidra.

      Subpersonalities Covered:
Rule Maker / Rebel Special / Ordinary
Observer / Spontaneous Spiritual / Earthly
Mind / Feelings Patriarch / Matriarch
Control / Release Sensuality and Sexuality
Pleaser / Selfish Psychological Knower
What will people think Independent / Dependent
Pusher / Being Invisible / Spacer / Chameleon
Perfectionist / Slob Responsible Parent
Power / Vulnerability Jungle / Victim
Personal / Impersonal Abuser / Abusee
Critic / inner Teacher Inner Children

      Included in this series is an in depth description of the many different themes and levels of dreams.
Themes and Symbols in dreams
Disowned selves in dreams
Illness as a teacher
Mythic and Archetypal dreams

      The Voice Dialogue Series is being used by:
Individuals interested in the next step of their personal development.
Professionals in the field of psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, social work, occupational therapy.
Health Practitioners.
Educational Institutions - Universities, Colleges, Schools and Libraries.
Human Resource Departments Training and Development Companies.
Individuals involved in creative pursuits - actors, writers, artists

Testimonial by Shakti Gawain

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I am a great admirer of the work of Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, the creators of The Psychology of Selves and the powerful technique of Voice Dialogue. I first discovered their book, Embracing Our Selves, about twelve years ago, and Hal and Sidra soon became my teachers, mentors, and good friends. Their work has helped me tremendously in my own personal growth. I recommend their books and tapes in all of my recent books, and I have incorporated many of their ideas and techniques into my workshops.

Therefore I am pleased to let you know that there is now a wonderful new tape series featuring Hal and Sidra Stone teaching and demonstrating their amazing work. This series, consisting of twelve video tapes and eight audio tapes, is by far the most comprehensive presentation of their work ever created. It includes in-depth interviews with the Stones, teaching and demonstration sessions, and segments of a two day live Voice Dialogue Training Workshop, all interwoven very effectively. The series covers all the major aspects of their work - the primary selves, disowned selves, the development of Aware Ego, bonding patterns, relationship as a mirror, the energetics of relationships, and dream interpretation. Hal and Sidra Stone also share the new vision of spirituality that emerges as we accept our commitment to embracing all of the selves.

If you are interested in personal growth and consciousness, you will find these tapes fascinating and life-changing. If you are a therapist, workshop leader, personal coach or involved in any type of service profession, this material will bring added richness to your work. I'm sure you will greatly enjoy and benefit from it.

Blessings on your journey!

With Love,

Shakti Gawain Author of Creative Visualization,
Living in the Light, and The Path
Of Transformation

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